VizX2 Forensic Software

A professional approach

Nowadays, nearly every investigation includes digital photos and videos. The footage can include vital leads and therefore needs to be carefully analyzed. But this is more easily said than done without forensic software. There may be millions of photos and hundreds of hours of video material that all needs to be viewed quickly.

ZiuZ’ forensic software, VizX2, helps detectives sort through and select photos and videos. The material can then be classified and categorized, so the detective can distinguish recognized and non-relevant material from photos and videos from which suspects and victims can be traced.

The forensic software enables the analysis of footage to be carried out from start to finish: from the creation of a case to the uploading of different types of data to the system; from creating reports to exporting files. 

Forensic Software


The Vizx2 forensic software is available as both a server-based solution, VizX2 Teamwork, and a stand-alone system, VizX2 Professional. VizX2 Teamwork is set up so that more than one detective can work on a single case simultaneously. All the files are on one server, so while detectives are viewing and classifying images, the information is being processed by the forensic software. There’s absolutely no need to copy files back and forth. This central processing system means all the detectives have access to the same information. VizX2 Professional provides the same functionality as Teamwork but is a stand-alone system that can be used in a smaller environment. VizX2 Professional is used by one user at a time.